Everyday I use many different devices - my iphone, macbook, ipad, Windows machine etc. I also use a number of different browsers - Safari on iOS and Firefox and Chrome on OSx and Windows.

This means that I was often losing bookmarks or simply not saving them because there was no easy way to do it across devices. I didn't want to install extensions (which slow down the browsers and can introduce security issues) and it's not even possible on many devices.

To solve this problem I built I came up with a solution that is super fast and easy to use, requires no extensions, and is future proof - it will work in any browser. I've been running a version of the app locally for over a year, but I thought others may find it useful so I've released it to the world. is free to use is ridiculously simple to use - just type "" in front of any URL in your address bar, hit enter and you've just saved a bookmark. I've purposefully left out Tags, Folders, Descriptions, Notes etc. from this app. Saving a bookmark should be fast.

I hope you enjoy using as much as I have enjoyed building it.

Anthony Feint